Reflection to Patch Adams

Patch Adams is a very touching, sad yet inspiring story where you can learn a lot of lessons. It is a story about Hunter Adams who committed himself to an asylum for being suicidal. While in the asylum, he discovered his desire to help, understand and connect with people. After leaving the institution, he enrolls into a medical school to be able to accomplish his dream. During his stay in the hospital he helped the patients through humor because he believed that by making them laugh and forget the pain, it will strengthen them but it is prohibited to interact with the patients.

It is only allowed when he reach his 3rd year. This became one of the reasons for him to be expelled from school but he never stopped and continue doing what he believe is right. As the story goes on there are many things that hinder him to achieve his dream but the head nurse believes in what he is doing and works along with him.

Patch decides to continue his dream while Dean Walcott fights to have him thrown out of school but he always end up being unsuccessful. Patch established a free clinic called Gesundheit together with the help of his friends, Truman and Carin where the medicine is based on love, where in patients helps and treat one another, but the college finds out he was treating patients without a license making his entire career placed in risk.

The time came that Patch questioned God if He cares or not.

He was devastated after the death of Carin, the woman he loves because of a murder. He complained to God that on the 7th day of God’s creation, he should not rested instead used it for compassion. But God answered back through the butterfly and it brought back his passion he had before, that he is a man of mission to help people. In the movie, Patch has our Lord as his model for compassion. He was able to get victory because of his faith, hope and love. The movie tells us to be like Patch Adams in dealing with other people. We should look at the person beyond all of his imperfections. Patch’s attitude is very humane and his actions are very Christian and it should spread to all of us. We can be doctor to one another by making people smile, helping the needy or teaching other people to do good things. Through doing these, small gestures may cause a big impact to them. We should always remember that our model in being a doctor is none other than our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The story tells us that we should have a passionate character. We should use our fears or failures as our key to success. Always believe that failures have seeds of success that will develop in it. Always be motivated so that you can influence other to be motivated too and when there are people who are feeling down we should help and cheer them up. Patch Adams is a movie worth watching, it will satisfy you and will make you learn and realize things. The movie has something to do in our lives, the moral lessons found in the story are applicable. It can make us to be a better person and help us possess characteristics of Patch Adams which are truly admirable and impressive. We should also see problems in a Christ-like manner and always focus on the solution not in the problem. When Patch is treating patients in his clinic, he exhibits great sacramental awareness by simply admitting that we are a community that can help each other. He proclaims that everyone is both a doctor and a patient. Patch also nears the meaning of the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. He heals people in a beautiful way and we should do the same thing. In essence, even at our lowest medicines in life, truly the best medicine is humor.

The philosophy of Hunter Adams is really workable. We can continue improving the doctor-patient relationship. Because of the movie, we are able to open our eyes and mind that there is something wrong with the medical system nowadays. We should change it now and try to do things better and in more humane way. Dr. Patch’s character shows that we should help people with understanding and love no matter what. His character teaches us not to give up on what we believe in. Let us be an inspiration to others. Patch Adam’s character is indeed amazing. He should serve as an inspiration and motivation not only to us but also to the medical community around the world. In our life we should not let fear conquer us. We should be strong enough to be different and exceptional. Do not be afraid to stand on your own faith.