Positive Effects of the War of 1812 for the USA. The Role of President Jackson in the History

America attacked Great Britain in 1882 Instead of France because of a number of reasons. First of all it is important to note that Great Britain had been at War with France for a long time even before tensions began to be felt. Americas decision to attack Britain was strategic in the sense that both the two were confronting Great Britain. This could be looked at as a strategy to weaken the strength of Great Britain now that it was under attack by two forces.

Another factor concerned the trade restrictions Great Britain had placed on America. These restrictions had to be contested by the Americans. The neutral rights of Americans had been adversely violated by Great Britain. This marked when sailors of American origin were made to join the Royal Navy. Most of the sailors deserted American and went for Britain because they were attracted by better pays and working conditions. This is a situation that was completely unacceptable by the Americans. France had not gone to this far and that why they could be tolerated. The issue of British deserters to some extend also made the Americans attack the British as they thought that people who deserted the British were supposed to become American citizens. This condition could not be accepted by the British and that’s why they had to be fought to secure such rights. It is also vital to underscore that Americans did not feel well the when the British were against their trade with the French. This went against the neutral right of the Americans to trade with both the British and the French. The British can be viewed to have had extreme conditions against the will of the American more than even the French. This is why the Americans opted to fight them and spare the French.

In the history of America the reign of President Jackson so the beginning of many movements and reforms within the country. The reforms that were undertaken by President Jackson impacted a great deal on the lives of people in 1830s. First of all the election of Jackson as president marked the onset of politics that had newitnessed in America. To the Americans at the election of this man there was hope for more rights and opportunities no wonder then that he was considered to be the president. His age so reforms in the labor sector with the old system being replaced with a new system whereby people could only work for 10 hours day. This was characteristic in states such as Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. Others such as California also followed suit and implemented the labor reforms that touched on the lives of many Americans.

The major reforms that took place during this stage were both as a result of the second awakening and the rise of the common man. This is because the common mans president had been elected and hence he was a representation of their interests. Reforms on the sale and use of alcohol also came up during Jackson’s age. This reforms so a reduction in the consumption of alcohol by Americans and this had a positive impact on their productivity. We had also social reforms during his time that touched on the lives of women and children in the society. For instance the women right made women in the society to realize how they were being treated unequally. With such reforms being spearheaded by Jackson’s regime it is clear that he was indeed an advocate of the interests of the common man.


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