Positive Effects of Computer on Children


Computers have become part and parcel of our day to day lives; countless people across the globe heavily depend upon computers for more reasons than one. Every individual constantly tries to com up with some solution or the other to meet his/her objectives. Computers help countless number of people in achieving those objectives. Every new day brings challenges with it and computers provide a platform to face those challenges. In modern day it is impossible to imagine life without computers. Computers have become an integral part of our lives. The paper will mainly throw light upon three positive effects namely, Positive effects of computers on children, how computers play a pivotal role in improving the concentration of children and the third point focuses upon the fact that computer is extremely useful in saving time of the people who require quick access to specific information.

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Research has proved that computer has numerous positive effects on children. One of the biggest advantages of computer is that it provides the young children with a sea of opportunities, with regard to knowledge and communication skills. Research has proven that when young children make god use of the computer their IQ level rises when compared to the children who are not exposed to computers. In addition to this the computer undoubtedly enhances the communication skills of the young children. Communication is extremely important and computer provides an ideal platform to the young children to enhance their communication skills. Hence it s proven that there are many positive effects of computer and one of the most positive effects is that it enables the children in learning new ways of communication.

Many parents firmly believe that playing computer games is not good for their children but research says otherwise. It is believed that playing computer games make the children sharp in thinking and also increases their concentration levels. There are varieties of games to choose from in the gaming industry and it is a billion dollar industry. Learning has a direct relationship with computer games. It is believed that playing computer games enhances the learning capacity of a child. It is strongly advised for children that they play compute games and make the most of computers. The same should be done in control, parents should make sure that they encourage there children to play computer games but at the same time they should also make sure that this is done under control. The children should not exceed their limit; it should be done in a limit. Only if this is done in a limit it will eventually give positive results. It is proven that using computer provides many advantages and it is very effective in the development of children. Considering this it is strongly advised that every parent must understand the effectiveness of computers and they must try there level best to provide there kids with a computer so that the children may develop and prosper.


One of the biggest advantages of using a computer is that it saves a lot of time. Anyone who is looking for an instant access to information can easily retrieve information by using the computer. It does not even require internet, there are so many encyclopedias available in the market which provide the users with updated information and these encyclopedias cover almost all the fields. Time plays the most important role in our day to day lives, every individual tries his/her level best to manage time efficiently, considering the same the computer gives the perfect solution to tackle the problem of how to manage time efficiently, this is in regard to the instant availability of information which can be retrieved by using a computer. By the above three points mentioned it is quite clear that computer is extremely effective in more fields than one and people should certainly make the most of it.