Organizational Focus and Goals

What is the organization’s current focus?
What are the organization’s overarching goals?

The current focus of Blue Cross Blue Shields is to provide the best quality insurance to their members. Also, it is time for an open enrollment period for their current members, or trying to get new members to come to Blue Cross Blue Shields. The organizations overarching goals are to provide its members with the lowest premium cost, but providing the most insurance coverage for the least amount.

What are the organization’s training needs?

How do they relate to the overarching goals?

The training needs of the organization lies solely on the type of job each associate. The needs of the organization will be the focus of how the associates will train. During this time, associates will learn how to provide the best member care, and to ensure their members are happy and have the coverage he or she requested. The relation to the overarching goals of Blue Cross Blue Shields is providing the best quality insurance for their members, new members, and provides the best quality customer service.

What effect does the organization’s focus and goals have on prioritizing the type and amount of training?

The effect is directly associated with the needs and focus of the organization. The employees are directed by training with specific guidelines, and individual one on one communication to answer any questions. Employees will have the option to take upcoming classes to assist with member needs and the workers current job.


For this assignment there is information regarding organizational focus and goals. The organization discussed is about Blue Cross Blue Shields. An organization as large as this needs to ensure all goals and focus are prioritized accurately. Also, this paper discusses the training needs of Blue Cross Blue Shields. Listed in paper are the topics of how Blue Cross Blue Shields prioritizes their focus. “Blue Cross Blue Shields has more than 105 million members-1-3- Americans rely on Blue Cross Blue Shield companies for access to safe, quality, and affordable healthcare (Blue Cross, 2014).” How would you prioritize specific training needs based on the organization’s needs and current focus?

Depending on the present situation of the company, the current focus of training will be specifically related to the needs. Focus and needs of the members needs to be top of the list, and making sure employees are properly trained to assist those needs. Setting up monthly meetings with employees to ensure the focus of its members, and there needs get met. Why must you consider the organization’s overarching goals when prioritizing training?

In order for an organization to continue to be a success, it is crucial that overarching goals, and member’s needs get met. The better the care of its member’s the more he, or she is willing to stay with Blue Cross Blue Shields, and new members will follow. Everyone wants to ensure his or her insurance needs get met, and are not paying for an excessive amount for coverage. The most important aspect of Blue Cross Blue Shields is to ensure their members are happy, and provided the best customer care to fulfill their needs.


Every organization has there own way of how their focus and goals are prioritized. Blue Cross Blue Shields remains focused on giving the proper training to their employees, to better serve their members. It is important for Blue Cross Blue Shields to stay focused, as well as meet their own goals while providing proper care to their members. With all this in mind the proper steps taken can improve training employees and member care.

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