Only Child or With Siblings

Being an only child or living with siblings… what’s better? Let’s talk about the positive and negative aspects. Being an only child can be positive because you have all the attention of your parents only for you, parents do everything for you. You get the best education, the best toys, trips and parents have more money to spend on you. You don’t have to share anything. Likewise, you don’t have to fight for your room, food, gifts and for your parents love.

There is nothing to feel jealous about or to compete for. Not only that, but you have more friends and become more resourceful and creative at the time of playing. In spite of, being an only child can make you selfish and feel you are the most important person because you are used to all the attention at home. When you are an only child parents tend to be overprotective and expect the best from you always.

Moreover, only child can sometimes feel lonely and bored. On the other hand having siblings has some advantages. First of all, there are many members in the family to be around with, play, eat and at the end of the day there is always someone to talk with. In addition, whenever you have a difficulty there is always a sibling who would defend you. Besides when you live with siblings you can borrow things and learn to get along with others in a better way, practice the values of sharing, tolerance, love and caring.

In contrast to this, there are also disadvantages in having siblings; most of the time there is no privacy for you. You must share your room, toys, clothes and food because it is very expensive to raise many children at the same time. Furthermore, child with other siblings spend most of the time fighting and arguing. Besides, when parents have more than one child the responsibility is bigger and they are always tired. However, being and only child or not as long as you have a family that takes care of you and loves you is what matters the most. Krizia Gomez