My Personal Aspirations

When you aspire for your future career, one must consider the important factors that lead to that. Each of these is an important component towards the achievement of success and the necessary foundation towards competence. With all of these mentioned, I believe that a course in Microbiology is an important determinant towards my future profession as a pharmacist. In the end, with this subject I can obtain the necessary skills needed towards addressing the challenges of my future major.

Looking closely at the subject, there are many facets in microbiology that I can extract and use in my pharmacy major.

One important contribution of such subject is its relative contribution in the overall development of my profession. Since the course deals with the study of organisms, it is an important benchmark towards creating an understanding of how dispensing of medicines can be made – one of the responsibilities of a pharmacist. In addition, the course can serve as an avenue for learning the importance of organisms in the overall development of life.

Bio News mentions that microbiology is “concerned with the welfare of humankind, concentrating not only on aspects of host-microbial interactions influencing disease and immunity, but also on ecological concerns impacting food production and the environment” (p. 1). By establishing a good foundation of this subject, I believe that I can efficiently cater and tackle the needs of pharmacy. Now, I wish to point out what I wish to absorb and develop at the end of the course. The first thing that I want to accomplish in this is to create an understanding of how microorganisms develop and its relative characteristics.

By establishing on these precepts, I can then branch out on its other subfields. By studying the form, physiology, and its other facets, I can adequately explore its other branches such as mycology, bacteriology and other (Bio News, p. 1). Also, I want to determine how an understanding in microbiology can lead towards the creation of new and improved ways of delivering cure to diseases. With the constant enhancement of today’s technology, better avenues for cure are becoming more available.

In time, there has been an increased understanding among microbiologists of how to create and diagnose bacteria and viruses accordingly (Bio News, p. 1). Due to this, by better appreciating the conditions of how a particular bacterium operates, necessary adjustments can be made. Moreover, I want to personally grow under this course. By the end of this, I wish that I can be able to have the necessary skills to determine what bacteria create diseases and what others contribute to bodily functions. In addition, I want to have at least a familiarization as to what particular organism or bacteria affect a particular part of the body.

Bio News furthers that “Microbiology is responsible for identifying infectious agents in blood, urine, sputum, feces, cerebrospinal fluid, and other body fluids” (p. 1) By familiarizing myself with these concepts and how they affect each processes, only then can I pursue the skills to cope with my pharmacy degree. Lastly, I aspire to learn how to cultivate bacteria to suit my needs as a pharmacist in the future. By taking up microbiology, I can differentiate different types of bacterium and how it affects every organism in the environment.

Moreover, I can actively point out the relevant catalysts and how each one can contribute to the creation or degradation of various organisms within a particular ecosystem. Bio News mentions that “these bacteria are important to humans because they play a role in the ecology of life, by decomposing wastes, both natural and man-made, for example and created nitrogen fertilizer at the root zones of certain crops” (p. 1). Surely, can greatly impact on how I practice my major. After putting my expectations in the subject, I wish to correlate it on my future major which is pharmacy.

By having a background in microbiology, I can better exhaust the capabilities and horizons of the pharmaceutical profession. Since the overall goal of such profession is to provide adequate levels of dosage in medicine, having a firm and solid background about the subject can help pave the way for cure among patients in the health care system. By appreciating the two subjects relationship, only then can students taking up a pharmacy major fully comprehend and use all these relevant skills. Also, having knowledge about microbiology can cultivate better relationships among patients.

It must be understood that the role of such profession does not only revolve on issues surrounding facilitating cure via compounding medicines. On the other hand, pharmacists play a more active role towards creating betterment for patients. PILLS argues that “pharmacists not only educate consumers on medication use, but also monitor their patient’s health to ensure that the patient is getting the full benefits of the drug” (p. 1). To conclude, the microbiology subject can greatly influence and serve as a catalyst for my major in pharmacy.

It serves as a tool and a foundation towards better understanding of the scientific explanation for the occurrence of things. Having this background in mind, I can better compound medicine and be a better pharmacist for patients. As PILLS argue, “from direct patient care and guidance to the forefront of pharmaceutical research, pharmacy caters to many fields” (p. 1). With all of these, having the adequate background and skills can catapult me towards attaining my dreams and fulfilling my role towards patients. Thus, the course in microbiology is an important stepping stone towards a successful career as a pharmacist.