Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun

In Chapter Five of the book, Attila experienced facing different issues and problems because of the diversity of the numerous tribes (Roberts, 1987). In relation to this, I also have to deal with the conflicting members of a social organization that I belong to. This social organization advocates helping out to the less fortunate members of the society through outreach programs. The members of this organization are composed of diverse individuals with different backgrounds like race and religion. Due to this, it cannot be prevented that internal conflict occurs because of these differences.

However, I remember one internal conflict that threatened to put factions among its members. The problem arises because of the various suggestions that the members have for the next project. Some of them want to do a feeding program while others want to invest in a livelihood project. The proposals have its respective pros and cons. Nevertheless, the morale of the organizations is already affected because some members are already talking ill behind each other’s back and they are already taking sides.

As a result, the leader of the organization decided to conduct an open forum that allowed every member to express his or her concerns. The problem was solved by the cooperation of the members wherein they find a common ground that will include some parts of both the proposals. Q6. In Chapter Six, Attila emphasizes the characteristics that a leader should have. In line with this, the leader of our social organization also received the proper reward for all his efforts in playing a greater role in keeping the group together.

This reward is in the form of the respect that our members give to him. Despite the fact that internal conflicts sometimes emerged in the organization, the members never forget to give due respect to our leader especially when he initiated the open forum that solved a conflict that was about to divide our group. The leader of our organization is indeed an effective leader because he has the characteristics that exemplify Attila’s words of counsel. He always gives importance to his responsibilities and never takes advantage of the privilege that comes with his position.

Our leader also put the welfare of the members of the group first before his sake. Furthermore, he does not give importance to his reputation in terms of what other people say about him (Roberts, 1987). The only vital thing for him is that he is doing his responsibilities properly. He believes that by doing what is right will only show those people who speak ill of him that they are wrong. Reference Roberts, W. (1987). Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun. New York: War