Islamophobia in Community and Health Implications

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College Essay

Societies tend to be guided by moral values, principles, and norms. Such attributes dictate the behaviors and practices of different community members. However, some of the beliefs associated with specific regions are ineffective or inappropriate. Personally, I believe that there are certain ideas in our society that are questionable or inappropriate. This personal reflection describes a specific time when I challenged the problem of Islamophobia in my community. The essay also examines the reasons for questioning this belief and how it affects Muslim’s health outcomes.

Analysis of the Idea: Personal Thoughts

Within the past three years, I have been perplexed by the nature of the established relationship between Muslims and Christians in the West. I have also observed that the level of Islamophobia has increased significantly in different parts of the world. The term “Islamophobia” is used to refer to any form of prejudice, hatred, or fear against the religion of Islam and its followers. The American society, for example, continues to stereotype Muslim men as bad people.

They are also treated unfairly in the country. These negative perceptions explain why many Muslims continue to be vigilant. Such issues explain why I have found myself challenging the increased level of Islamophobia. Those who are affected by this problem find it hard to receive high-quality medical services. When more people challenge this ethical issue, every Muslim citizen in the West will be able to receive high-quality health services, pursue his or her professional goals, and live happily.

The above thoughts emerged when one of my Muslim friends was denied appropriate health care in one of the health clinics in our neighborhood. Hassan (not his real name) had visited the facility to receive desirable medical support after having a persistent migraine. He told me that the facility’s receptionists ignored him. The practitioners were also unwilling to provide timely and quality medical attention. This kind of misbehavior forced me to think deeply about the challenges encountered by Muslim citizens in our country. This kind of stereotype explains why the caregivers in this clinic were unwilling to serve him. Many Americans believe that Muslims are unfriendly and unpredictable. Consequently, the levels of Islam-based prejudice have increased significantly.


Because of this kind of misbehavior, I decided to start a small campaign that was aimed at sensitizing my colleagues and workmates about the dangers of Islamophobia. I educated several caregivers and patients about the importance of living in harmony.

I also requested them to read numerous materials and stop relying on the mass media to learn more about Islam as a religion. With this kind of initiative, I strongly believe that more people in my neighborhood will start to appreciate members of this faith and interact with them positively. This move will also create a harmonious society whereby all citizens can achieve their objectives. It is necessary for every community to confront this problem and implement appropriate solutions.


Islamophobia is one of the challenges facing many people in my country. This kind of belief should be questioned or challenged since it is against the rights of many Muslim citizens. People should be guided and empowered to promote appropriate campaigns to address the above idea. The proposed strategy will support the needs of many Muslims across the world and make it easier for them to achieve their potential.