Intercultural Experience

The Philippines consists of 7,107 islands. I will go into the interesting culture of the Philippines. As well as share some interesting facts.

1.Attention Getter- Back in 1934, the world’s largest pearl was found under the Palawan Sea in the Philippines. The Pilipino flag is the only flag that is flown upside down during a time of war. 2.Bonding- The Philippines is by far the Tuna Capital of the world. Tuna is a major good for the Philippines and is the lifeline so to speak.

Tuna is a multimillion dollar industry for the country, a lot of citizen’s fish daily. 3.Preview Three Main Points- The Philippines are also home to 200 volcanos. Twenty-two of which are active. In the Philippine culture lips are not just for kissing, but also pointing. Philippine’s think very highly of Balut, which are under developed duck eggs. They consider them a delicacy. 4.Transition- The Philippine culture is very different from American Culture. From their beliefs, to relationship styles, to their way of life in general.

The Philippines have not had snowfall in a very long time. Being close to the equator, it’s considered tropical. With only two seasons Sunny and Rainy.


1.Point One- There is over 20 active volcanos in the Philippines. 2.Point Two- The fishing industries in the Philippine are a very important source of income for the Country. The islands are considered the Tuna Capital of the world. 3.Point Three- During war, the Philippine are the only country that will fly their flag upside down.

Revolution people power of 1986.


1.Transition- The country has come a long way since it was founded. Rich religious culture. 2.Review Three Main Points- Volcanos that are active, People Power Revolution 1986, and Tuna Capital fishing strategies.