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Testimonials are written or spoken statements from a public figure and sometimes from a private person, who exalt the virtue of a product. This means that a product that has been advertised using this method is highly accepted by many bearing in mind that they have a feeling of how good the product is and how it is effective to make use of it. The testimonials used to sales pitches are attributed to ordinary citizens and endorsement usually applies to pitches by celebrities. In order for a person to qualify in marketing than with the use of testimonials will mean that people will be aware of products that are used. This means that people in public are aware of a product and to what extent this product can be used to bring changes that are desirable. There are different types of testimonials that can be used in advertising so that a product can be made known to the public. (Krakauar, 1995, pp, 25)

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There are four types of testimonials and include: customers in this testimonial are offering of about 30% increase in business which is seen to be unusual but business to business will offer double or triple results through the use of consumer testimonials. There are celebrities who are not as believable as customers they are not credible because they are paid. This will mean that a marketer will know whether to use a celebrity that will change the attitude of a company in a positive or negative way but the fact is that celebrities increase awareness but it may not be a good awareness to customers.

This is important in the use of experts as it is seen to work and lead to high sales meaning that an expert that has to be used should be in a relevant field. In Expert organizations, there is the use of trade associations, a magazine in your field a chamber of commerce, a newspaper fort that one can make consumers aware of what an organization is producing and ready to sell. Many markers make use of testimonials because they are seen as ways in which the publican be made aware of a product in the most affordable way. This will mean that they will have their products with the use of testimonials that they feel will lead to high sales due to the awareness that will be created for the customers. (Helbling, 1994, pp, 45)

This will imply that a customer will love a product from an organization due to the fact that it has proved to be the best as they already know themselves what exactly is required so that attraction to a product can be made. To be able to carry the feelings of consumers then one should have a pretty message that will give the customers a clear indication of this product that has to be sold in the market. A person can combine the information with the warm, attractive photo of the proprietor so that the advertising can be more appealing to the eyes of people who are to buy the product. The second thing that one should consider is the original headline in that one should ensure that information that has to be passed should be in line with the words that are used so that a customer can see why it is important and effective to make use of this product in their life. This will mean that one can renew the confidence in the errors that had been made and bring changes that is applicable in the organization about a product.

There is a need to advise the advertisers and publishers in that before a product can be made known to the public then it should be well tested so that problems and complaints may be dealt with in the right manner. This is important in that in case of chemical products that have to be imported then they should be legally imported to a country and should follow the set rules that are of organizations like APVM. This is important as the customers are required to know the necessity of a product from a point of view when they have been proved to be legally in the country at that set time. Therefore advertisers and publishers should be able to know who is responsible for the promotion and advertising of unregistered agricultural products and unapproved active constituents. This is important so that in the ace of complaints then they can know exactly who to blame because of this problem. (Hornsby, 1996, pp, 23)

There are sections that should be followed so that the publishers and advertisers can know what to do in case a product has been imported to a country. They are supposed to know the products that require registration by APVMA so that they can be well defined with codes that are set in relation to these products. This will mean that it is effective to use testimonials so that the buyers can know the mistakes that arise and inform the concerned group for rectification. Companies that have to make use of these testimonials should follow the right procedure in that they should ask the customers to fill out a brief customer satisfaction survey this will assist this company in making comments that will be from customers so that they can come up with right changes that will lead to high sales. If a company has got to use public speaking then they are supposed to increase their visibility and generate so that they can have evaluation form to the audience.

This form will be important so that they can be able to evaluate what the public requires in the market and make relevant changes that are applicable. A company is supposed to use the satisfied customer names greatly so that they can increase the credibility in that with a stronger endorsement then there is a clear indication that the customers will value this product that is sold by a company. A company should ask the customers to write testimonial letters so that they can convince others about the product. A company can be able to write letters to their customers as a way of showing their concern and be genuine in what they are selling. Every time a project is completed then a customer is required that say something positive about the product so that a company can know which part to change for better results. A company has to use their testimonials as success when speaking with prospects or their customers. This will enable this company tell others about the success that has been achieved due to the use of a particular testimonial. If a company has occasionally suffered from the blahs then it is supposed to have favorite testimonial letters on a bulletin board. (Hoover, 1990, pp, 34)

The main aims of testimonials are to ensure that they go with the changes that take place in the world. Another aim of testimonials to make the product knowledge to the public in that a company that has to sell its products to the public should make people know how good they are this will be through the use of testimonials so that these people can be fully convinced about the product. The testimonials help a company to retain its power in a competitive environment in that they are able to sell their products without fear of low sales as the product is well known in that public. The testimonials are used in a way that a company will not raise the price of products but instead should aim at ensuring that the set price can be afforded by all in a country. This will mean that what they have to do is to come up with the mostly applicable testimonials so that they can attract people to make use of their product. This will mean that all the public will be made aware of a product that has to be sold to the public by a particular organization. The organization should target the high population in a country so that the products are sold highly this will mean that most of the products that are likely to be sold in the market are those which cover a wide range of population this will mean that if they have to consider age and other things that are applicable to make sales then they are supposed to come up with the best methods of testimonials.

The advantages of testimonials to organizations include: Many companies make use of testimonials in that they use techniques that will lead to changes in attitudes of buyers. The testimonials that are used in a company will lead to the building of bonds of trust in that a buyer will have trust on a company if he or she has made use of a product from that company and has found it to be very interesting. This means that one will be able to read testimonials from a stranger and believe what he or she is told is right. There is the improvement of credibility in that there are clients to sell the product this will mean that these clients will not have the name of companies but will sell the product of that company. This means that companies will lose the competition that is in the market. Therefore for a company to have high sales then there is a need to have testimonials that will have the name of the company so that customers can feel satisfied with the sold products of the company. This is important so that the customers can know why it is important to have a product from a given company and changes that have taken place leading to their satisfaction. There is a demonstration of success in that when you are developing a head-turning testimonial then the prospects will feel the success that you have created for others. (Hazard, 1996, pp, 56)

This will mean that the first-time buyers will want to work with successful buyers hoping that they will have the benefit from this company in the future. For example, an XYZ laundry supply which was there is the first day all the way to completion meant that there was a need for time to teach people on the use of these products so that they can be aware of the product and how it works. This will mean that from the first day to the end they will have many buyers who will be in need of knowing how to go about a product that is been advertised and they will get information from the people who are concerned with this advertising. The disadvantages of testimonials will be the products that buyers are told are of desirable quality may not be so this is because with the use of testimonials one will not know why the product is used by many customers in other words they will just make use a product from that point of view that it has many people who use them.

This is a dangerous act because it can not be the right product that one is in need of but due to the feelings that have been created by other people who are in use of this product t then one sees the need to make use of this product. There are many problems that can be associated with testimonials this is because the testimony that is given by one person may not be the same testimony that one has meant that the information that people get is a conflict. This will lead to many buyers lacking confidence to the sellers about a product that has to be sold in the market. There is another risk in the use of testimonials in that it may be costly but have few people accepting the product. This will lead to high costs been incurred with limited sales been made by a company. It is, therefore, a loss to accompany in terms of sales that have to be made in that particular period of time. The testimonials may be risky if they have to include the professionals in that a company will not be able to get what it expected by a company so that they can have high sales. (Clark, 1998, pp, 67)

It is important to know how to go about a problem from an experience that will be received from others in a given place. This will mean that they will, have many things that are related to this problem that is affecting a person and get testimonials from others who have had the way through the same problem. This will give clear information that it is not possible for a person to face dangers that can be avoided bearing in mind that there are people who are ready to assist. This means that advertisers and publishers should use testimonials that will lead to changes that are desirable in the lives of people so as to boost production. In some of the testimonials that were introduced in a country like UK, there is clear information that exist from a group that is for electronic measurements group that indicates that professional growth does not stop when one gets promoted but as long as one is creative and innovative then changes can be made so that they can change the ambitions and lead a group to success. (Abbott, 1997, pp, 78)


Testimonials are important as they lead to changes that are desirable in a company in that they have things that are targeted and the only way to deal with them is to make the public aware through the use of testimonials. This is important as it will lead to the success of the organization in what products it has to sell and will have the power to have an expansion that is desirable.


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