Health Care Information System Reflection

In my previous job with a medical clinic there were two main technology systems that were used on a daily basis. These systems were CITRIX and MainFrame and were a necessity for the medical clinic in order for all to communicate. Of course there was also email that was used a daily basis throughout the medical clinic. On the CITRIX system is where all the patients’ information was stored from their office visits to the billing information as well as the demographics.

All employees that dealt with any of the patient’s information had access to this system and they were able to update it for the patient in real time so that everyone who needed access to the most current information had it. On the MainFrame portion of the main system that the medical clinic used is where the claims were able to be adjusted and all of the billing information was stored. This is also where the employee would be able to transfer medical records or any other information that was needed by the insurance company to the insurance company for further claim processing.

There were also other systems that the employee would have to log on to in order to review medical records on a patient but employees had limited access to this health care information system due to the privacy of the patients. This system was the Allscripts system that the medical clinic used. The information within this system was the medical records of any visits that the patient had and also the medications that were prescribed to the patients.

Information was shared throughout the organization as all employees that had to receive this information or obtain it would be able to do so from their computer in their office or at their desk.

The departments that used these systems the most would be the doctors’ offices and the billing departments. They needed to have access to this information in order to treat the patients correctly and to make sure that the claims were billed properly to the insurance companies so that the providers could receive reimbursement for their services in a timely fashion. It was also used in order to handle patients calls regarding any issues they may have with the billing information they had received in the mail.