Global Communication

Communication (especially good communication) is called the heart of all business in these modern times where every piece of information is visible to everybody. However when we consider the level of globalization has reached too, we often find organizations facing a difficult time trying to survive in this competitive environment. To ward off this problem, the management of global communications decided to outsource most of their work to India and Ireland so that the unit costs could be decreased. The current problem that has severed the smooth operations of the organization has been brought by the high intensity of competition.

The company had to cut down its profits and hence reduce their share value. Unable to match the prices and costs their rivals were giving, Global Communications moved to a head-on fight by planning an outsourcing strategy. This strategy had two facets; 1) it would bring massive downsizing in the company, and 2) expertise and low cost could be achieved with outsourcing. Analyzing the scenario from the companies perspective we get a bring future for the employees of the company in the future and profits which would promote high growth.

Although this strategy would help the company regain the market, from another perspective, Global Communications would have to let go of their intellectual assets i. e. their employees who were considered as their competitive point. Another destructive problem for the company is that by not involving the Union leaders into this decision, the image of the company is put on stake while the communication problem due to cultural differences and norms would play a major role in the near future.

This situation for the company is not at all good at the moment.

Although the outsourcing maneuver was a good decision, its execution wasn’t right thus the company finds itself in deep water. In this crucial time the organization needs to keep its few employees close and organized. The company should bank on their employees who have always been a point of strength for them. Deals and meetings should be held with the Union leaders to help them understand the gravity of the situation and difficult situation the company is in which requires difficult decisions to be taken.

Apart from this, the organization should secure a good outsourcing company that understands their problem and truly helps to solve them. With such a plan in motion the future can be made stable and eventually growth can take place. But for the moment, the key lies in strengthening the employee base, connecting with them and make them work as a team. In the employees lie the future of the organization.

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