Filipino People and Hardworking Filipinos

Negritos– Negritos represent a resourceful and industrious Filipinos because in their time, hardwork and patience is the core of surviving in the wild. Indonesians– Their greatest influence is farming. Because of agriculture, Filipinos found out to till the land and that is one of the significant sources of Philippine Products today. Malays– Their biggest influence is that they’ve presented a more advance way of living. Barangay Early Philippine Civilization and Subsequent Changes.

-What I’ve discovered in this subject is that this early kind of Philippines civilization assists in the management of the early society that results to more cooperative and organized community.

Spanish Profession An essential impact of Spanish rule in the Philippines is the creation of a mestizo culture with established landed interests and an extremely manipulated land circulation. The Spaniards made the regional datus head of the barangays, who eventually got large landholdings. Spanish Profession– Among the best accomplishments of Spanish Authorities is the central and organized government.

They likewise maintain the conventional authority of local leaders that assists in governing the least manageable systems of the society. It is good in the side of the Spanish due to the fact that it is their efficient way of collecting tax and handling the Filipinos. For me the way they wish to arranged the federal government is among their biggest achievement because it assisted in the company of better governance. Other Political Company Negritos– This is among the earliest political company wherein the leadership is vested on the older guys Kalinga– The leadership is vested on the stronger people who has the power to affect individuals.

Benguet Village – composed of formal legal Political structure and the traditional authority. Muslim – One of the greatest political organizations because their government structure is more organized because there are branches of the community that govern every single segment in the society. Political System Encomienda System – Encomienda system has good and bad effects in our country. Because of this system, Filipinos were forced to pay taxes to the Spanish. One of the good effect is that it civilized those Filipinos in the far away places. Other good effect is to protect the inhabitants and maintain peace and order.

But this system is abused by higher Spanish officials because they collect too much tax and products from the Filipino people. Central and Local Governance -This government structure is one of way for the Spanish to control over the Philippines. Katipunan This serves as an eye opener for the Filipino citizens to fight for independence and Filipinos were unified.. Because of this, Filipinos were more conscious of what the Spaniards are doing to them. The goal of this movement is to separate the Philippines from Spain, and this is good for the Filipinos because that time Spanish are very cruel to them.

But because the organization is discovered by the Spaniards this movement did not materialized. The Pact of Biak na Bato One of the learning of this topic is that Filipinos try other means for their independence. Even though this movement is not successful, this event causes for Filipinos to rely on the Americans. The Philippines Under The American Colonial Rule American Occupation in the Philippines is the best and most important occupation here in the Philippines. One of the greatest influences of the Americans is the organization of school systems in the country. Another is the equalization of women in the society.

Americans’ actions in establishing the first formal education in the Philippines was something to which we should be thankful for. We were given the chance to be educated. And since the medium of instruction in public schools were in English, Filipinos were given the chance to learn the language of our occupants: Americans, the chance to learn the universal language. Here, Filipinos were very willing to learn and were glad that they were given the chance. Japanese Occupation Japanese occupation cause severe destruction during the Philippines because they’ve abolished government structures and abuse many Filipinos and Americans.

One of the evidence is the Death March. They also established Pro-japanese militants, all of them are Filipinos and these groups were used by the Japanes to spy on the Filipino Activities. Filipinos has not much enthusiasm in returning to school first because the Filipinos as a whole were suspicious of the Japanese intension and second, children focused on helping their parents tide over the difficult times. Even though the Japanese allowed continuing using English as the medium of instruction in teaching.