Experiences of Working Pakistani Women

The study in question dwells upon experiences of working Pakistani women (Faiz, 2015). Faiz (2015) focuses on the way working females balance their work and family life. Their experiences and attitudes are central to the research. The researcher stresses that women have to work in quite an oppressive environment but still develop various strategies to remain active agents rather than passive victims.

Pakistani females manage to balance their work and family and be good workers and good women (mothers and wives). Faiz (2015) states that the study can be used when developing policies aimed at empowering women and enabling them to participate in the social life of the country. The researcher also adds that there is insufficient information on the experiences of females in Muslim society. Thus, the study is quite important and relevant as it provides insights into the attitudes of a specific cohort of women.

The research topic is an important issue to consider within the scope of psychology. The study unveils behavioral models females use in different situations. The strategies women use to respond to the challenges of the modern world should be studied carefully. It is necessary to add that females’ attitudes towards the workload, domestic responsibilities and so on often shape their psychological state. Excessive workload, family issues often contribute to the development of depressive states. Therefore, the research topic is relevant within the scope of psychological research.

It is necessary to note that the qualitative research approach is the most applicable as the focus is made on opinions and personal perspectives. Qualitative methods are often applicable in psychology as they unveil factors affecting people’s behaviors (Mertens, 2014). These tools help researchers to examine specific views of particular groups of people. An in-depth analysis of people’s accounts provides insights into the way people see themselves and the world as well as the way they interact with each other.

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