Education: Political Stability

Pakistan has been ruled by both democratic and military governments The rule of law and justice is the only way of maintaining stability in the country. The continuous failure of government wrong policies leads the people of country to miserable conditions. The only solution is allowing the oppressed people of Pakistan to share decision making process with transparency and accountability from top to bottom. We need to strengthen our political system and institutions, develop an active and sustainable growth, eliminate corruption, provide timely justice, enhance employment, start steps for population control, seek consensus based political solutions .

The political atmosphere was too vitiated; political instability was too acute; tensions between the different tiers of the government were so damaging; the challenge of setting up the organs of a new state was so formidable; As a result, economic management took a back seat in this formative phase of Pakistan’s life.


Our political parties are in there own fantasy to fill up there own pockets.

That is the reason our politics are unstable. Political parties in Pakistan are not working fairly.Because they just don’t care about the innocent people of Pakistan condition of Pakistan is becoming weird day by day we have a politicians and a politics but they work for their own selves ,make benefits for their own selves not for the poor and innocent people .our country is behind from the successful nations just because our government is careless they send their children out of the country for education they should make education better here then there will no need for foreign education in Pakistan .

apart from this another reason for political instability in our country is The intra-party election is no to be seen. The leaders, consequently, are autocrats.

Political parties are famous in the name of leader of the parties. Personification has harmed extremely the true essence of democracy. Pakistan has failed to establish a political stability due to constitutional conflict, the most important reason for political instability is our economy. We have high inflation, large income inequality, deficit financing and a chronic lack of the national political parties should embrace a new spirit of cooperation and constructive opposition, expenditure for infrastructure and education. moving beyond outdated confrontational and self-defeating street action and walk-outs and boycott politics to engage in vigorous political debates free of violence Political instability lowers private investment, slows economic growth, and gives rise to unemployment and poverty.

Political instability breeds corruption, mis-governance, shortens policy-makers’ horizon, inconsistency in policies, and creates volatility in economic performance. Pakistan is witnessing a prolonged period of political instability (almost five years) and. as such its adverse consequences for the economy are quite visible. It is strange that the current government, claiming to have a strong majority in the parliament, failed to generate political stability in the country. People within and outside the country had a lot of expectations about political stability, Political instability is associated with greater uncertainty regarding future economic policy, it certainly affects investment adversely, slows economic growth, increases unemployment and poverty, which in turn, further fuels political instability by giving rise to violence, civil unrest, and strikes.

Pakistan failed to establish a stable democratic government due to constitutional conflict. Due to political instability, Pakistan’s economic and social growth has been curtailed. Our country is facing struggle and instability from the very dawn there is a lot of the problems in Pakistani politics that is the fact majority of any political party continued coalition politics which is responsible for the instability. It seems, the political stability in Pakistan is turning to be a dream unaccomplished for the country’s first ever government that was expected to complete its full tenure is too in crisis.

It may not be wrong to say that judiciary is gaining its due status . Instead of providing help and justice to the people or to improve the conditions of Pakistan our politicians are busy in finding legs to stand upon their lies as truth. Political instability is a situation when the uncertainty among the government structure expand due to some basic causes and it eventually end up the current government1.We all know when a ruling party faces this sort of uncertainty so they do not do well for the public. They become unable to make polices for the development of the country.


There are many reasons behind political instability in Pakistan. no one leader sincere with Pakistan and Pakistani nation. They have their own interest and aims. Parties who are famous in Pakistani politics are not handle people issues as they are expected. They are not taking as well as foreign issues in the interest of nations. Political instability has played havoc with the safety and security of Pakistan. This is the cause of our failures in recent times. Our country is facing numerous challenges to its existence. But instead of unity, our political parties are playing dirty games against one another. A tug of war is going on among Pakistan Parties, These parties are least bothered about the security situation of Pakistan. Their vision is just to secure the supreme office for next five years; unfortunately, we do not see any concrete plan of action from our political leaders to counter these threats to the national security. Lack of political seriousness made this issue complex and complicated.

It is the responsibility of the government and other political parties to sit together and come up with a comprehensive plan to resolve the issues in Pakistan. If they settle their issues and try not to exert pressure on one another, then there will be no violence, kidnapping or target killing in country. Therefore, political parties must cooperate with one another and work for the stability of country Political forces play a significant role in the formation of government. These actors largely bear the responsibility to maintain political stability in the country, but some times, bypassing the national interest of the country, they become an instrument to create not only mess and political instability, but also lead towards several other major issues. Our political parties are responsible for this situation as the leadership is not whole-heartedly sincere to resolving the issues; instead, its only seems playing politics of blame-game merely for their own interest, as if the world depended on it. Political Instability or sons of leaders and possess leadership in heredity.

Pakistan’s experience is evident that quality and stability of political System, and leadership is not possible without quality education . The weak organization and improper working of political parties paves the way for coalition governments, which has become a very common set for every government and they exert their whole energy for maintaining the coalition set up and remain in continuous pressure from partner groups. The present political trend in Pakistan is forming coalitions amongst different political parties, which is the reason of current instable conditions.

The unjustified acts and emotion provoking acts of the leaders made people question their identity and legitimacy again after the independence Achieving stability will require building a combination of forces in the social, political and state spheres that can seriously address the challenges that confront Pakistan. Political stability plays an important role in keeping society integrated and in maintaining legitimacy within the state. It is a prerequisite for the economic development, social integration, and supremacy of law in a state. Unfortunately, Islamic Republic of Pakistan stands on the top of those countries where social injustice prevails at every level of the society. Citizens of Pakistan are unaware of social justice concept and its effects on society. Pakistan’s civil and military rulers and elite class have been plundering this country since independence


There are so many problems in Pakistan. There is only one thing that can help Pakistan in solving all the problems that is the self-improvement of each and every Pakistani. All of us should be patriotic, honest, and hardworking. Everyone should respect the laws of country and obey the laws. Only then we can change our Pakistan’s condition. There is a famous saying “God does not change the condition of any country until the people of the country do not improve their selves. “It is true in the case of Pakistan. Our government should look over the things to improve the conditions of Pakistan .so political instability can clear in this.