Dystopia. Personal Vision in Modern World.

My vision of the dystopian future for our world is something that is closer to reality. The ideas in my mind that tell me what sort of future our planet faces is fed by the constant stream of information that is fed to me by the daily national and international newscasts that constantly show how anarchy reigns supreme in more and more countries. Such anarchy has a ripple effect across the world and begins to affect other countries. Kind of like an unstoppable virus.

Such will be the status of our planet once government’s begin to reign supreme across their lands and effectively curtail even the most basic freedom of their people. Instead, the people shall be forced to follow the norms as set by their government otherwise the citizen shall face an instant prison or death sentence depending upon the type of perceived disobedience he has committed. Such perceived crimes could be speaking out an anti-government opinion, practicing religion that is not state sanctioned, or even simply wearing clothes that the government deems inappropriate.

In my dystopian society, scientists and doctors will hold the power to manipulate the DNA chain of unborn babies. They will be able to create the perfect individuals through manipulation and DNA deletion. In the process, parents whose fetuses deem to be too defective to have its DNA manipulated shall never see their child born. The doctors and scientists shall have the power to abort any pregnancy with or without the consent of the parents. This will be because under the existing social caste system, there will be no place for special needs children. Abortions will be like drive through services because the population of the world will be such that our natural food resources will no longer be enough to feed the youngest member of society, unless the DNA of that child proves to be of future benefit to the country it shall be born into. Governments will dictate what the population of their country shall be set at and an age limit shall be placed upon the life of people in order to insure an adequate food supply for the citizens who are still strong enough to work for the benefit of the government.

Families will no longer be a whole unit but rather be like a breeding farm. Men and women shall be paired up by DNA compatibility (in order to avoid special needs children), athletic ability, intellectual quotient, talent, and skill in order to produce the perfect specimens of human beings. But in the process, the child shall be taken away from their parents from birth so that the government can oversee the development of the child without interference. Eliminating the need for love and nurturing in the child.

Due to the big brother method of upbringing, people shall no longer have any emotions and desires that are their own. Love and sex shall be dictated upon them by the government and they shall be willing automatons going through the motions in order to please that singular authority in their lives. There shall not be any chance for people to enjoy the basic nature provided joys in life like we do now. As computer technology continues to improve, people shall lose the interest in socializing and become more and more isolated until such a time that they become so technology reliant that people will only know each other by internet names and avatars, trusting each other immensely while in electronic social connection mode but becoming distrustful and argumentative when forced to deal with people in person.

This is my vision of dystopia. Do you know that dystopia is slowly becoming a reality fat present? It already exists in some 3rd world countries and is slowly creeping into societies and countries. Technology has successfully disconnected us from each other physically and each day, that great divide continues to grow. It is my hope that my vision remains just that. However, there is a distinct possibility that anybody’s vision of dystopia may still become a reality. People do not seem to care about anything or anyone in this world anymore. That, is the first major sign of dystopia in any society.