Domestic Violence – A Grave Societal Concern

”I’m not doing anything wrong.
If I am, I won’t get caught.
If I get caught, I can talk my way out of it.
If they “nail” me, I’ll get off light.” (Leigh).

The following lines echo researcher/ psychologist Lenore Walker who shares the four most common believes of batterers and they shed light into one of the most heinous crimes committed on woman that leaves a scar too deep to be healed even with the passage of time.

Every individual deserves to enjoy social and political freedom. This statement requires no mandatory law and is regarded as birth right. It is a ridiculous fact that women all over the world seem to get battered and abused for no fault except that they are born ‘women’. Women are attributed ‘the inferior sex’! Neither Providence nor the son of God proclaimed woman to be subject to man’s whims and fancies and serve as a slave – a mute spectator to the atrocities committed to her ‘race’

Our community faces issues that relate to violence committed on women and for every reason to enjoy conjugal life there is also the need to bear with violence. My view is that this issue has emerged as a colossal drawback to the ever increasing demand for social justice and equality rights. Every social concern and world organization cries out slogans demanding equal rights for men and women, but they continue to be written documents not to be implemented. Hence, I insist that the problem has raised its ugly head at an alarming proportion and though it may appear common, it does deserve immediate attention and subsequent measures to curb its infiltration into society.

The bone of contention and the subject under consideration is “Domestic Violence- A Grave Societal Concern’’.

In support of the argument I would like to include the case of Betty Jean and Penny Hall who were severely battered by their partners. (Leigh).these incidents may seem trivial, it is in fact crucial in terms of today’s concern for justice. Neither police intervention nor organizational support lent a helping hand and it cost them their lives. Wouldn’t one believe that if concrete measures were taken their lives would be saved? What about innocent teenagers who are tortured or physically beaten by those whom they love? More grave is the issue where young girls are tortured by parents to such an extent that they fall an easy prey to torture by their life partners in the future; the reason being loss of self- confidence to defend and mental agony. For some others, being docile and submissive is protecting their privacy, but for how long? The scars are hidden but obviously visible to the world outside. And that’s the reason why domestic violence has turned out to be a serious social threat in the USA. Quite contrary, Charles E Corry argues that domestic violence is not a grave issue and that it deserves to be given a lesser hearing than the other issues. (Peterman and Dixon). I disagree with Corry as he further argues that feminists and women’s organizations have hooked up a story. In making this comment, Mr.Corry is arguing that organizations seem to make claims of physical abuse to seek sympathy of the society at large. The non- supporters assertion is contradicted by their projection of violence on women. the person concerned also argues that the issue need not be given due priority since women are themselves responsible for the conditions in which they find themselves in. it deserves attention that feels law has little to do to take the batterers to task. Lucidly, the writer has forgotten to mention that any social concern has to be treated wholly and not as a single force behind it. Unless hands from all the sides join together to deal with the issue, nothing worthwhile can be affected.

In answer to the above mentioned claims I would refute the stand as it is at first a global issue. The USA which upholds the values of unity, fraternity equality and brotherhood should succumb to social inequality and injustice! In my opinion, there have been innumerable examples of women and children being ill-treated either by the parents, partners and boyfriends. It seems the opposition does not pay due regard to the concern for protection of human rights. And he is mistaken by the fact that women need sympathy to prove their stand. Far more critical is the fact that this issue needs to be given a lesser deal of fair handling by the court of justice. In an era where priority is for socio-economic and political independence, it remains a sad tale that the remnants of earlier days’ social inequality still remains a closed chapter failed to be given a new direction. Regarding law it is seen that serious loop holes in the efforts to seize the law breakers is solely responsible for the continuity of men’s unfavorable remarks and attitudes of abuse against their counterparts.

As a serious onlooker of the turn of events and as a spokesperson to such social issues I would prefer to lay my hands on the redemption of the society. I think the non supporters of this issue are mistaken because they have overlooked reports of the rate of domestic violence in the recent years. The first step towards this goal would be to redefine the status of women so that she may be given the priorities due to her. These priorities would not stand as barriers to the rejuvenation of moral and social codes of conduct. Every woman would find her voice and would be able to chart a course for herself.

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