Christian Philosophy Reflection

……Life is like a blackboard. It’s empty in the first place, so we need to fill it whatever we want but with a virtue. We are not born a purpose, we live for a purpose. So go ahead and write something on your blackboard……….

Human is like a crown? Why? Same as a crown, human also have gems that representing, reflecting, radiating him with many splendored aspects and facets of being human – the physical, intellectual, moral, religious, social, political, economic, emotional, sentient, esthetic, sensual and sexual.

Those splendored personalities are gifts given by our creator that we should to cherish and nurture. At the same time, those aspects were bestowed on man for the purpose to serve for the betterment and perfection not only for an individual man but for all humanity. For on the day of final reckoning, God will judge man not according to his gifts, possessions, positions but according to his works. As we strive for our existence and destiny which is HAPPINESS, we are also striving for our dignity to be dignified to make it worthy, because dignification without dignity is baseless.

These existence of ours acquiring knowledge in the first place is called Essentialism that we could used to act and to develop His gifts for the betterment or add anything to it.

This chapter really taught me: Why we are here? What is the purpose of our existence? That gives a clear view and a guide in what to do in my daily lives.

I could move with a greater focus and clarity everyday of my life. My objectives, plans, and goals will be easy for me now to accomplish through applying this purpose to one of us. While striving for it, we’ll just need to ask some guidance and help from Him that He will always there in our daily struggling. In addition, we need also to act upon His accordance, doing good deeds and right actions with a virtue. We need to love His other creation same to how we love ourselves such as plants, animals and our mother Earth.

We’ll just need to show care and kindness such as not throwing trash anywhere, by planting trees and by prohibiting people to strictly avoid hunting any kinds of animals. It helps me also to be more faithful to God, to be thankful to Him that He gives us a very beautiful life and splendored body. To give Him thanks, I just need to nurture and develops His gifts to us by helping other creation of God and not to abuse it. These topics really reflect to me that should also read by all students to enlighten them and may use this as their guidance in life. We just keep on love, trust and faithful to HIM- our creator, GOD.