Best Grammar and Plagiarism Checker

What are the most scaring words that students are afraid of? We know the answer – “plagiarism” and “grammar.” There are so many students who burn the midnight oil just to make their papers ideal. However, it seems impossible to make your essay 100% authentic and without mistakes. Maybe, it looks like a miracle, but we know how to achieve the unachievable. Welcome the modern version of the grammar and plagiarism checker.

Academic help for students is the primary goal for our team.

We have been working hard to create a convenient tool that will specialize in the plagiarism check as well as grammar. Writing an essay is a difficult task itself. However, rereading, editing, and proofreading sometimes even take more time. That is why we have decided to help students with the last step of completing their assignments – checking. This plagiarism checker for students is available for free so that you can use it whenever you want.

Stealing somebody’s ideas without a proper recognition is not tolerated in higher educational institutions.

Teachers use various online services which analyze your content that the essay has. There is a high likelihood that your paper is examined here. Why should you lose valuable marks for the final grade if you can detect plagiarism by yourself? All you have to do is copy and paste your text into the box to get the result.

If you have written your article without copying anything, we still recommend you taking your test for analysis.

Sometimes you may just forget about adding the source to the reference list. But we will help you spot the mistake. The online program will underline all the copied info and add a link to the source. Make sure that you are submitting a unique essay.

You don’t lose time when the system examines your text for plagiarism. While you are waiting for the result, the computer scans all the Internet. Can you imagine how much info the online service analyzes in less than a minute? Thanks to sophisticated modern technologies, it is possible to process lots of data in such a short period of time.

Paste your text as many times as you need. After you’ve made changes, check the essay once more. You will see how the level of your originality has risen.

Exact Matches

When you finish the plagiarism detection, you will get a list of Internet sources. These are the links to the sites which have similar or exact matches with your text. Find them and paraphrase. It is the easiest way to improve the authenticity level of your work.

By using our service, you can examine your text from the grammatical aspect. However, grammar is not only about the tense agreement. We give you the chance to put your work under thorough investigation. Now you won’t need to keep late hours in attempts to find the missing commas between words. Just add the text and start checking. The program examines lots of other aspects which your teacher pays attention to.

The main rules and exceptions of English Grammar are downloaded into the system. If there are any discrepancies, the incorrect fragment is underlined. If you are not sure how to use punctuation in subordinate clauses or indirect speech, rely on our grammar and plagiarism checker. By clicking on the mistake, you will be able to correct it in the blink of an eye.

The technologies of our times allow us to analyze not only grammar. Your essay is also examined for stylistic features. If you use politically incorrect vocabulary, you will get a choice to choose its neutral equivalent. Also, the computer detects tautology very quickly. This function allows you to make the text richer in vocabulary. Select the most suitable synonym which the system offers. It is very useful for improving your writing style and stylistics.

It is not good to use complex sentences with various subordinate and coordinate clauses. You need to learn how to balance the number of the short and long sentences. It takes lots of time to count words and mark which sentence is long or short. Don’t waste your time on this. Our grammar checker can help you with that.

You may think that our service specializes in alleviating student’s burden. From the one hand, we do make studying easier. On the other hand, our checker helps users to understand mistakes to avoid them in the future. When you download the text for examination here, you don’t only improve the grammar and check the plagiarism rate. You learn – and that is what we value most of all. You will see how significantly your writing skills, as well as the knowledge of grammar, improve day by day.

We have received lots of questions about the protection of your texts here. “How can I be sure that my essay is not used by someone?” Our answer is always the same: “Your texts are in safety.” The service doesn’t store any of the files which you upload here. It works online, and we don’t have any databases which accumulate essays. We appreciate the customers’ copyrights. Be sure that we provide only honest and reliable service!