York University Linguistics Worksheet

I will be attaching two files, Part 1 and Part 2 with all the questions that need to be answered. On them there will be a briefly explanation of how it should be completed it. This is an extremely important part of my course, so only make a bid if you have knowledge over this subject, there is a reason why my bid is high on this work. Once I choose the tutor I will be sending a link with all the notes I was able to collect through the course to help you answer the questions. Also, I will be here with anything you might need, so don’t hesitate to message me. Lastly, I can’t stress enough the fact that this is an extremely important work, only make a bid if 90% of your answers will be correct. Otherwise, don’t lose mine or your time on this. With knowledge over the subject, this would’t take you more than 180min (3hours MAX) to complete the work. However, I will be giving you 24 hours for it to be complete. I will need it back by 2:30PM tomorrow EST.

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