World Wildlife Fund & Elephant Conservation Project Discussion

For this final discussion board prompt – consider what Berger says about the role of “practical value” in making content go viral on social media. Let’s assume that Berger is correct, and that we are all now part of social media communities (on any currently existing social media platform) of social media practitioners. Your task for this post is to create a piece of content that has “practical value” for other social media managers (content creators, etc.) that can be posted to a social media site (if you don’t feel up to creating the content, you can give us a pitch for what the content would be). If you are feeling brave, and you think the content “speaks for itself” – put it out there. Or, you can explain how you think the content works as valuable advice/information for your audience. Put another way: tell us something you’ve learned in this class, but you have to follow the rules of Facebook, IG, WeChat, etc. to do it.

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