Women and Slavery Production and Reproduction Analysis Essay

Essay – Women and Slavery – Production and Reproduction QUESTION – In “Women and Slavery in the Caribbean: A Feminist Perspective,” Reddock states, “among slaves the housewife did not exist” (1985, 64). What does the author mean by this? Points to think about: •The roles that enslaved women held on the plantation. •How enslaved women were viewed on the plantation and plantation societies. •How this may have changed post-emancipation. Your response paper must be at least 3 double-spaced pages. You must use the reading attached in your essay. No outside sources are to be used. GUIDELINES •You must use Times New Roman, Font Size 12 throughout your papers; 1-inch margins. •There is to be absolutely no extra spacing in between paragraphs or subheadings. Your entire paper is to be double-spaced. •You absolutely cannot use bullet points, numerical or alphabetical lists of any kind on any of your papers. •You must properly reference documents that you refer to.

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