West Texas A & M University New Campaign Push Galaxy A41 Smart Phone Question

Similar to assignment 2, find a familiar product (different from assignment 2) and, using information found on their social networks (and other sources), create a set of goals and objectives for a new campaign push. **Describe in detail the current state of the company,** **the new campaign’s goals and objectives,** **and the calls to action that will aid in achieving the objectives.** This assignment should be between 500-2000 words (excluding references, charts, graphs, etc.) with the main focus being on quality content and reasoned arguments. The format is Times New Roman font, 12-point, and one-inch margins. Grading will be based on the rubric found on page 2 of this document. __ _The question is answered fully_ — _The answer is supported by a strong, coherent argument_ _The answer is supported by information from high quality sources_

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