Walden Unversity Searching for Literature Essay

# Searching for Literature **To prepare** for this Discussion: * Using the Walden University library and other search scholarly search engines (Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic etc.), find **five articles** based on the topic of “4-day work weeks to increase work/life balance in Non-Profit Organizations”. #### By Day 3 **Post by Day 3** a response in which you do the following: * Identify the keywords and databases you used to find your **five articles**. Provide full references for the five articles you selected. * Find at least one data base from the Walden data base related to either 4-day work weeks or work/life balance in non-profit organizations: https://academicguides.waldenu.edu/az.php * Explain why you chose these articles and how they relate to the topic “4-day work weeks to increase work/life balance in the non-profit sector.” * Use APA 7th

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