Vincennes University COVID Vaccination Preference Discussion

**1)** Take notes while watching the video on Typhoid Mary. This video serves as an introduction to the topic of your Critical Thinking assignment. **** **2)** Watch the Critical Thinking Overview Video linked below. This will teach you how to use the 8 key questions and will help you to complete the Coronavirus Writing Assignment #1. It also gives you a lot of information on your critical thinking assignment. Critical Thinking Overview Video ( **3)** Complete the Coronavirus Writing Assignment #1 (30pts). The directions are listed below. Vaccinations are now available to protect people from the spread of Coronavirus. However, the supply is very limited. Your mission is to decide who will receive this life-saving vaccine. The individuals who do not receive the vaccine will most likely become infected and survival of the disease is not certain. Of the ten people listed below, you may only vaccinate five. Who is going to receive the vaccine? Using the 8 Key Questions choose the five individuals you would vaccinate. For each individual, provide convincing rationale with the 8 Key Questions for why you chose to vaccinate that individual. For each individual, you did not choose to vaccinate, provide convincing rationale with the 8 Key Questions for why you chose not to vaccinate that individual. Ideally, each person should have one paragraph dedicated to their analysis. Finally, your last paragraph will be a summary of your viewpoint on this situation, and be sure to include which of the 8 Key Questions stand out to you in our current global pandemic as part of your summary. Individuals: A doctor NBA player An orphaned 2-yr old US senator A 45-yr old male construction worker A police officer 16-yr old twins Farmer Religious leader A grandmother who has custody of a young grandchild ** _The 8 Key Questions_** **Fairness** : How can I act equitably and balance all interests? **Outcomes** : What possible actions achieve the best short- and long-term outcomes? **Responsibilities** : What duties and/or obligations apply? **Character** : What action best reflects who I am and the person I want to become? **Liberty** : How does respect for freedom, personal autonomy, and consent apply? **Empathy** : What would I do if I cared deeply about those involved? **Authority** : What do legitimate authorities (e.g. experts, law, my god[s]) expect of me? **Rights** : What rights, if any, (e.g. innate, legal, social) apply?

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