Valhalla High School American Indian Study Philippine Conquest Essay Paper

Hello! I need a 200 word (must be 200 words, could go a little over 200 words) clear and effective response to the question: “(1) Why is it Ironic that the commander of the U.S. occupation force in the Philippines, Henry Lawson, was killed in combat against a Filipino insurgent named Geronimo and (2) how might we therefore view the conquest of the Philippines as being part of the story of Indigenous Peoples in America?” This response must effectively answer both of the questions (1) and (2). To answer this question, please use the source, “… ” Cite at least one direct quote from this source and please look through pages 162-177. Note, this is page 162-177 on the actual book, not the pages on the side. To find these pages, command f “162” or simply click the box with three dots and three lines on the left side and select “9. US TRIUMPHALISM AND PEACETIME COLONIALISM”. Thank you. so much.

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