UW Master of Information Management Admission Essay

### ### Statement of Purpose (Personal Statement) Your Statement of Purpose is a very important part of your application. It should be a well-written and carefully crafted essay that is 900-1,200 words in length (graphics can be included but are not required). __ Be sure to visit the iSchool and the MSIM program websites to make yourself familiar with our mission and values. Consider utilizing a resource to check for grammar and spelling errors. It is required that you address the following two critical questions: * **Explain why you chose to pursue an MSIM degree.** * Based on your knowledge of the UW iSchool and the MSIM program, please describe your professional and personal motivation for pursuing a UW MSIM degree. * Include your previous experience from your fields of study as well as your professional/academic plans throughout the MSIM program. * Explain why the UW MSIM program is a good fit for your professional career goals. * Indicate the academic, professional and life experiences that have prepared you for this program. * **How does the MSIM program at the UW iSchool align with your values and personal mission? How will you contribute to the MSIM and iSchool community?** * Tell us your story. Describe the life opportunities and challenges you have faced and how these experiences have shaped your personal goals and potential contributions to the MSIM program and the iSchool community. * Describe how you align with the values and mission of the iSchool such as diversity, equity and inclusion, innovation, and service. * You may include familial, cultural, societal, geographical, financial, educational and other any factors that have shaped who you are and your potential contributions. I uploaded my application essay of Imperial College ESB program as a reference, as well as parts of my resume. If you need more information, just feel free to contact me.

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