US Constitution & Criminal Justice System Questions

I need this questions * The study, knowledge or science of law is: * Following a speed limit is an example of: * A written speed limit is an example of: * Giving up some of your personal rights in exchange for a more stable society is: * “Stare decisis” is the is Latin equivalent of what common law term: * Which state does not follow “stare decisis” and why: * Article III of the U.S. Constitution created: * What government body is elected by popular vote based on district population: * What government body is limited to two elected members per state: * Judicial review was created by what precedent/case: * The state’s power to regulate the “health, safety and welfare” of the people within the state is called ________________ * Which amendment to the constitution grants states the police power: * Congress may make any and all laws under Articles 1, Section 8 that are ________________ and _______________. * When the U.S. is a party to a lawsuit, then the Federal District Courts have ______________ jurisdiction. * For a court to hear a case it must have _______________________ jurisdiction. * When both the federal and state courts may hear a case, then the courts have _________________ jurisdiction. * F.Supp is part of the citation for the _____________________ court. * Members of the ________________ were the only federal officials elected by popular vote in the original constitution. * The _______________________ is designed to create transparency in federal agencies by making it easier for the public to gain access to government records. * What act regulates agencies: * Agencies are created by (what type of statute): * Not cutting in line is a ________________ standard. * Buying a new car when you owe Uncle Sam a lot of money is considered ________________, a type of unethical behavior. * Hiring a relative for a job is called ___________________. * Washing your hands as a cook at a restaurant is following ___________________ because county health departments require it. * How many circuit of appeals are there in the federal system: * How many district courts are there in the federal system: * Federal judges are appointed or elected? * State court judges are usually appointed or elected? * What is diversity jurisdiction? * What is exclusive jurisdiction? * What is original jurisdiction: * What is appellate jurisdiction: * What is a federal question: * What is subject matter jurisdiction:

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