UoN Global Dental Care website Presentation

For this project, each student will develop their own website by using Wix web development platform (https://www.wix.com/ (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)). In fact, IGU’s website is built on Wix platform so you can see a live example of the final product. To start the project, you will create a free account in Wix using your IGU email address. After you create your free account, you can follow the directions within Wix to develop your site. You can follow the step by step instructions or take the advanced approach and build using your own process. There are hundreds of templates (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) to choose from. If you need help using Wix, you can go to the Support Center (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) to find all the answers you need. Your task for this project is to rebuild this existing website for Global Dental Care (http://www.global-dental-care.com/ (Links to an external site.) * Recycle the original company logo on the top left of the page * You need to create a page for each of the existing pages “Home, Services, Technology, Smile Gallery, About Us and Contact Us.” Recycle the write-ups and images from each page, but feel free to add additional images from the Wix free image gallery. * The home page should have a way of showing all the images in the banner that flips every few seconds * You need to add a new page after Contact Us titled “Online Payment” and insert an online payment app using the Wix App Store. The App Store is a place where third-party vendors have created applications that integrate with Wix very quickly. * You need to add a new page after Home titled “Make Appointment” and insert an online appointment app from the Wix App Store. * For the Contact Us page, use the Wix form builder * For Smile Gallery page, use the Wix photo gallery tool * For the “Get Directions” page, make sure to add the Google maps or directions app * Lastly, use the attached PDF file below to check the website to make sure everything is addressed Use this rubric to make sure your website meets all the required criteria: * FORMWebDesignBestPracticesChecklist.pdf **Keep in mind!** * Websites are saved first locally and then “Published” to the internet. Make sure you “Publish” the website. * The design must be easy to navigate and read. * Make sure the font, design and colors are consistent and pleasing to the average person, and not just to you (you need to think from the customer’s perspective) * Be creative and always think from the end user’s perspective! * Submit a Powerpoint presentation as part of your demonstration grade i need powerpoint presentation too. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

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