University of Waterloo Financial Intermediation and Financial Markets Discussion

see attachment for detail, best writer wanted, total of 4~5 pages, needs in 3 days you can write your Topics regarding financial intermediaries and markets include, but are not limited to: • History of banking panics and interventions, pre and post central banks being established; • The 2007-09 financial crisis: root causes, accelerants, and effectiveness (or lack thereof) of policy interventions; • The European sovereign debt crisis: bailouts vs bail-ins; • The Covid19 crisis (either in the US or abroad), its impacts on the economy and financial markets, and unprecedented policy interventions; • How to restore stability after a crisis: stress testing, transparency, and tighter regulations. What works and what doesn’t. Do regulations work when they are supposed to? Basel 3 (capital ratio, leverage ratio, liquidity coverage ratio, …), the Volcker rule, and the 2016 SEC money market fund reform; • Liquidity providers: how do they function in normal times and how they fare under stress. This can include banks via credit lines, broker-dealers via market-making, ETFs, CLOs, Private Equity funds, etc etc.; • Fintech: what problems are Fintech firms trying to solve? How are they doing now? Are they substituting or partnering with regulated banks?

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