University of Technology Sydney Motion of a Falling Basketball Paper

**Purpose:** **** The purpose of this report is to give you practice in presenting Word Processed reports. You are expected to redo your practical report on the Motion of a Basketball using Word and **Excel** **(if you use it for the theoretical graphs only),** and submit your report individually and submit both a paper copy and an electronic copy through TurnItIn. **You are asked to write a laboratory report for the Motion of a Basketball experiment you have done. This will include calculating the acceleration of the basketball and comparing it to the known value of “g”, the acceleration due to gravity.** This means you will need to alter all aspects of your report (Title, Aim, Theory, Method, Results/ discussion and Conclusion). As with previous reports you should have the following sections: Aim Theory Method Results Discussion Conclusion Use the information on page 4 of the “ _Motion in our World Practical Manual_ ” as well as the instructions for writing practical reports on pages 46 – 47 of the “ _Course Description”_ study guide to assist you in preparing a high quality report. You will need to look up the **theory of an object falling under gravity** in a textbook or other reference source (eg the Internet). The “Theory” section of your report needs to (i) predict and explain the **s-t** , **v-t** and **a-t** graphs for an object undergoing this type of motion and (ii) explain how the acceleration of the object can be determined from the v-t and a-t graphs. Diagrams in the **Theory** and **Method** sections **may** be hand drawn but quality presentation is better. The **Conclusion** needs to include the following, probably written in separate paragraphs: Quote values for acceleration from (i) your v-t graph, (ii) your a-t graph and (iii) the “known” value of “g” from the textbook or other reference source. You will need to compare these values to each other. Refer to the closeness of the observed graphs to the shapes expected. A checklist is included on the next page to ensure you have covered all the ingredients for a high quality report. Make sure you take the time to read **ALL** the items in the “ **Checklist** ” and tick each item **IF** you believe you have completed that part of the report. Make sure that you have responded to every suggestion in the checklist below. You will also need to submit an electronic copy of your report through Turnitin. **** **Word processing** **** You should have gained word processing skills during your IT course.

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