University of Southern California Real Estate Investment Case Study

Hi! I will attach the instructions/case study in a document down below, but this is what you will have to complete basically! 1. In Excel, prepare the assumptions table within your financial model (Note: these include all “given” assumptions that can be changed depending on the alternative considered) .2.In Excel, create your ‘dynamic’ financial model using the given assumptions (Hint: dynamic models include formula consistency across all years of analysis). You will create two models, with your model for Part 2 being based upon the model created for Part 1, which can be separate tabs within the same excel workbook. 3.Compare your financial models based upon the changing assumptions given the case scenarios. Develop your investment recommendations based upon this analysis. 4.Check that your financial analysis and modeling is consistent and accurate. Does this make sense given the real estate market climate or the data given in the case? Thanks! And let me know if you have any questions. My professor posted this video and it may help!

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