University of South Florida Importance of Sustaining the Cities Discussion

I’m working on a management Research Paper and need a sample draft to help me understand better. the chosen topic is sustainable cities and the company is Tesla, please see the attached paper you can use your own sources but company cannot be changed. Final Product is to be a 6-8 page paper on your recommendations for your Company. This could be no shorter than 6 pages but cannot exceed 8 pages (double spaced). The page count does not include title page, table of contents, references or appendices. (12%). This is to be a report on the goal, its importance, why the company should care and how this company can move toward making a difference in this area. Think of yourself as a consultant hired to help the company meet the chosen goal. You will need to make a case as to why they need to change and how they can change. In this type of report, you want to give the organization options. Usually a report would have three potential courses of action that vary in scale, complexity and cost. One way to think about it would be something that would require a small budget ( or little disruption), a moderately budget (or moderately disruptive) and a large budget (or disruptive). Once you have given the options, you then choose the one that you think is best suited for the company at this time. NOTE: 1) Due to the length of this assignment, this will not be returned within the normal turnaround time. It will be returned before final grades are posted. 2) Please submit in .doc or .docx format. **Rubric:** Introduction and Overview – 4% Have you introduced the issue and provided details about the UN Goal you have chosen. Why is this important for organizations to pay attention to? Recommendations 3% Have you provided valid/realistic recommendations for actions for the company. This is not to be abstract like “reduce waste”, you need to provide an example “they can reduce waste through improving their production processes to use less plastic”. Implementation 3% Have you provided a good amount of detail on how they can go about implementing your suggestion. This would include a budget (a list of expenses) for the implementation process. Formatting 2% Title Page, TOC, Executive Summary, References Up to 2% will be deducted for editing and grammatical errors.

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