University of Portland Marketing and Porters Five Forces Questions

one (1) thoughtful paragraph will be sufficient for each question given questions: 1. If you opened your own frozen yogurt store business, briefly discuss how **_each_** element of Porter’s Five Forces would have a potential effect on your business. 2. **Watch the Mayo Clinic video** : MAYO Clinic (Links to an external site.) 1. What biblical principles do you see evident in how the Mayo doctors engage with each other? Please include the applicable Bible reference(s). 2. Describe the _atmospherics_ of Mayo Clinic and your view on their expected purpose – discuss as many as you can find, but must have at least three. 3. What _service quality variables_ do you see evident at the Mayo Clinic? 4. Go to the Mayo Clinic website ( Is it a for profit or non-profit organization? Briefly discuss some of the audiences they would need to address in their marketing materials (list at least four). 3. Select a print advertisement you believe does a successful job positioning the product/service (include a copy of the ad in your response – you should be able to copy and paste it). **NOTE: One additional bonus point will be given if you are the only one who uses the ad you chose. (Don’t go with the first add you find, or it will be painfully evident that you didn’t take much time to find a great ad.)** 1. Explain how it addresses each aspect of the AIDA concept. 2. Why do you feel this ad is effective? 3. Where is this product /service in their product lifecycle? (At least your perception of where they are at this time.) 4. Which primary objective of advertising are they addressing in this ad? 5. Do you feel their ad was a fit for where they are in their lifecycle and the objective they chose? Why or why not?

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