University of Miami Complex and Interdependent Relationships Discussion

**_Module Level Objectives:_** **** 1. Explain the stages in the patterns of development as it relates to mass media industries. 2. Recognize the importance of convergence. 3. Analyze how convergence changed message distribution from channels to audience niches. 1. Identify the components of the media game of economics. 2. Identify the players of the media game of economics. 1. Synthesize how the structure and economics of the mass media play in decision making. ** _Tasks:_** * Read **Ch.** **6: Development of the Mass Media Industries** * Read **Ch.** **7: Economic Perspective** * View **PowerPoint Presentation Chapter 6 Part 1** * View **PowerPoint Presentation Chapter 6 Part 2** * View **PowerPoint Presentation Chapter 7** * WatchDevelopment of Mass Media (1900s – 1950s) (Links to an external site.)![]( * Watch We are all cyborgs (Links to an external site.) * Watch Lisa Gansky: The Future of Business is the Mesh (Links to an external site.) * Watch How Data Will Transform Business (Links to an external site.) ** _Resources:_** * Textbook * PPT * Video * * After reading all of the material above. write 200 words reflection. * Discussion Post Question: With specific examples, explain and describe the complex and interdependent relationship between consumers, advertisers, media companies, and media employees. __ * once you are done with 200 words respond. reply your two classmates 100 words of each person. *

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