University of Maryland Global Campus The Future of Enterprise Architecture Discussion

I’m working on a computer science discussion question and need an explanation to help me study. _Topic 2_ Read the attached Gartner Group Article on the Future of Enterprise Architecture (Burton, 2011). Gartner predicts that most organizations will support EA as a “distinct discipline”. **_(2.1) Paraphrase the salient points about Enterprise Architecture (EA). Pretend you are introducing this topic to someone in upper management who is not familiar with the subject._** ** _(2.2) Reflect on these points and share your thoughts about EA. Do you think it is important to have an Enterprise Architecture._** _Burton, B. A. (2011). The Future of EA in 2020; EA is Integral to Stratetic Planning. Stamford: Gartner_ Directions: undefined _**Compose your response in 100 words (minimum) to 350 words (maximum)- total word count for the whole topic. For example, if there are multiple questions in the topic, the word count applies to the sum of the word count in each question within the topic.**_ _ **To better guide the reader, state each question, including the question number (e.g. 1.1), followed by the response. Note: The question and references are not in the word count.**_ _ ** **_ _ **Attached article**_ _ _ _ _

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