University of Maryland Global Campus Farm Equipment Manufacturer Discussion

1. Think Like a Geographer Imagine that you have been hired to find the best location for a landfill outside the growing city of Seattle, Washington. Explain from a physical geographer’s point of view your major considerations. Then explain from the perspective of a human geographer, what are your main considerations? There is no need to pinpoint an exact location where you think a new landfill could be successfully located … this exercise is more about concepts that could be applied to any major metropolitan area. In your answers, keep in mind the difference between site and situation and be sure to address both. Click on the following link to learn more about site and situation: About 2. A World Without Coral Reefs? Coral reefs are a vital part of the earth’s marine ecology. Unfortunately, coral reefs are under great stress and have precipitously declined over the past few decades … and the pace of decline is accelerating. You will learn more about this growing calamity by reviewing the materials below. Coral Reefs 101; Coral Reefs May Be Wiped Out by 2100. Can We Save Them?; What Would Happen If All The Coral Reefs Died Off?; and What Are The Top Coral Reef Loss Solutions? Construct a Discussion Post that expresses your thoughts on this issue and responds to EACH of the five questions below: 1) How much the earth’s coral reefs have been destroyed? 2) Why is coral reef loss an important global issue? 3) How is climate change linked to coral reef losses? 4) What are some other causes of coral reef loss? 5) How can you take actions to slow or even reverse coral reef loss? APA format for all sources

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