University of Manchester Opportunity Identification and Marketing Strategies Paper

Question 1. Opportunity identification 10 points maximum, answer should be no more than 1 page + figure/model. Great Hub wants to develop a workshop to help their community members improve their opportunity identification. Based on the articles by Hansen et al. (2011) and Ardichvili et al. (2003), what recommendations can you provide Great Hub in regards to what such a workshop should entail? Question 2. Marketing strategy 20 points maximum, answer should be no more than 2 pages + figure/model. Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics are developing a marketing strategy to help them grow as a business school. The growth relates to a desire to broaden the offering, adding new courses and programs to their educational offering. Your job is to provide the management team with key insights related to what you think that they need to consider as they are developing such a strategy. Note: while Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics is, in fact, part of the public sector, you do not have to consider its public role in your answer (i.e. for the purpose of this question, you are to treat it as a company)

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