University of Illinois Deleting your Online DNA Discussion Paper data-is-brutally-difficult * * * I expect a 1 page written assignment from you. In the written assignment, please discuss the following: 1. **When you share your DNA and you request it be deleted, is it totally 100% deleted forever? Please elaborate. ** 2. **When you share your DNA with a company/entity, are they allowed to share it with others outside of the company? Who are some of these others that they can share the data with? **Please elaborate.**** **** 3. **When the DNA companies say they strip your data and make it anonymous, is it really anonymous and you can never be identified? **Please elaborate.**** **** 4. **Using 10 sentences or more, explain YOUR OPINION after you read the article. “Do you feel comfortable, or not, sharing your DNA with other companies and why do you feel this way”? This is also the area for you to share any other of your thoughts with me. ** * * * #4 is strictly YOUR OPINION. I just need to see you explain to me why _you_ are a is yes or no. The written assignment should be 1 page minimum. It should **not** be numbered. But instead should be in paragraphs. 1 1/2 spacing maximum. No run on sentences, no single block of text. Please use punctuation, commas, capitalization, etc. We are in college so this is expected. If you do know APA, that is welcomed.

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