University of Central Florida Understanding Distributions & Probability Discussion

The u08a1 and u08a2 homework activities in this unit require you to make certain probability estimates for values of process variables for which you need to first identify which probability distribution would apply to the variable in the assignment. This a key activity in the Measure phase of any Six Sigma project as you continue to develop your system requirements for your system. We actually measure things in our process environment in order to identify or confirm the most appropriate probability distributions that are governing our key design variables. Discuss the role that quantifying factors and variables plays in your process engineering. In particular, discuss how identifying appropriate probability distributions for key design factors might be important for designing or improving a simulation of the process system you are designing. What kind of errors might be introduced in your analysis if you pick the incorrect distributions? How can identifying the right distributions improve your thinking about your system and its engineering? _At some point in your posts in this thread, identify which distributions you are using for the two homework assignments, and use your discussions with the group to confirm that you are using the correct ones._ _Response Guideline_ Post your response of 1-3 paragraphs (about 100-200 words) by the due date for this discussion assignment, and then reply to at least two initial responses of your peers during the 48-hour response period, particularly focusing on responses that might differ from your own. Also respond appropriately to anyone who posts questions against your own postings. Discuss the content! Keep responses focused on the substance of the issue, not simply on agreeing with a comment or encouraging each other.

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