University of Bridgeport Capital One Data Breach Financial Scandal Discussion

* Find and post a link to a news article about a financial scandal in the past two years (news resources). * Summarize the scandal, and explain why it was a noteworthy event in finance. * Could this event be prevented? How did the corporation neglect signs of the scandal before it was exposed? * Each student should post a different scandal (no repeats). discussion requirement: _ **Quantity**_ * Each student must make a minimum (for a chance at the best score – post early and often) of **two** posts for each discussion – one initial post and one reply to posts made by your peers. * The initial post must be approximately 200-250 words in length and made by Wednesday evening at 11:59 pm. * The reply post must be approximately 50-75 words in length and may be made anytime before Sunday evening when the week closes at 11:59 pm. _**Quality**_ All posts must be substantive, relevant, and respectful, and contribute value to the discussion. “I agree” types of posts are fine to make, but they do not count towards the minimum posting requirement. _ **Grading**_ Total score = 100 points each discussion. * 10 points will be deducted for not meeting the word count requirements. * 20 pints will be deducted for irrelevant topics. * Original post = 80 points * Reply post = 20 points * Late submissions = 2 points off per day late

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