UCLA Political Thoughts of Philosophers Politicians & Thinkers Discussion

**Below I provided single key argument summarized into a thesis statement. Your job will be to write a 400-500 word response this thesis statement in which you either agree, disagree, or otherwise make an argument about the idea question. No sitting on the fence – try to pick a single claim and defend it. The challenge will be to persuasively explain what you think and why you think that way.** **(Sheldon Wolin** ** _Politics and Vision_ **, p.** **22** **):**** “A continuous tradition of political thought presents many advantages both to the political thinker and to the political actor. It gives them the sense of traveling in a familiar world where the landscape has already been explored; and where it has not, there still exists a wide variety of suggestions concerning alternative routes. It allows, too, for communication between contemporaries on the basis of a common language even when translated into different tongues.” ***I also attached below the reading that you have to use and the citation format as well.

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