UCI Economics Minum Wages & Cultural Intersection Question

**Paper: this is a group paper assignment, only need to write my part (affect of mini wage, 5-7 pages)** You are required a paper on a key labor market policy issue that comes up during the transition to the Biden Administration. You will work on these in “policy paper teams” that I will assign (generally 3 students), and the team, as a whole, will submit the paper (and the milestones along the way described below). Your paper can be related to a labor economics topic we cover in class, or another one covered in the textbook. Final papers should be 10-15 pages, double spaced, with complete references. References, tables, and figures do not count toward the pages. The quality of the writing will factor significantly into yourgrade, as will the quality of the work reflected in the milestones. **Upper Writing Discussion:** ### _Part One: Intersections_ In **at least 100 words** , respond to the following prompt. Discuss the connection between cultural reproduction, aspects of culture (e.g., norms, beliefs/values, stereotyping) and our conversations about race/ethnicity. Also, consider some of the points of intersection between inequality and/or gender (it is useful to include a discussion of some of the assigned external videos). This is a good exercise in linking different ideas and helping to find the bridges between different pieces of information that may seem less obviously linked. This is similar to what you need to do in your literature review and in your writing exercise this week. Please be respectful in your discussion. ### _Part Two: APA Exercises_ This portion is your APA exercise. To the best of your ability – and using your APA guide (Links to an external site.) – please try to adjust the following pieces of information into appropriate APA citations. “Solutions” will be posted for your reference next week. In particular, it is likely useful to reference the segments on in-text citations (Links to an external site.) and reference lists (Links to an external site.). **It is also likely useful to reviewthese slides![Preview the document](https://canvas.eee.uci.edu/images/preview.png). ** Although the slides contain some of the practice examples, I am also listing them for you here: 1. You need to write an in-text citation, introducing the idea with “According to…” and using an article by James Smith, Renee Carter, and Nicole Jimenez. The article was written in 2013 and published in _Contexts_. How do you introduce your paragraph? 2. You want to write a citation with all of the pertinent information in parentheses at the end of your sentence. You are using an article from _Gender & Society_ written by Linda Taylor, Albert Yee, and Trisha Brown. The article was published in 2003. Rewrite the following sentence to include the appropriate citation:One study suggests that watching movies with friends can deepen one’s understanding and experience. 3. How would you cite the following for a reference page (a bibliography)? 1. Information:Title: Why Game (Culture) Studies Now?Author: Constance A. Steinkuehler, University of Wisconsin–MadisonJournal: Games and Culture, Volume 1 Number 1, January 2006Pages: 97-102 2. Information:Title: Ethnic Differences in Affect Intensity, Emotion Judgments, Display Rule Attitudes, and Self-Reported Emotional Expression in an American SampleAuthor: David MatsumotoJournal: Motivation and Emotion, VoL 17, No. 2, 1993Pages: 107-123 3. Information: Title: What Is Video Game Culture? Cultural Studies and Game Studies Author: Adrienne Shaw Journal: Games and Culture, Vol 5 Number 4, 2010 Pages: 403-424 ### _Part Three_ Make sure to respond to another student! **Peer Review- give comment of the upper writing paper for other student** ** ** For the peer review, it’s likely useful to have some notes for your reviewer – things you are concerned about or would like some specific feedback on. #### ** _What to Provide Feedback On_** When you review, please give specific feedback on the following things, leaving notes for the person you are reviewing (You should be able to highlight directly on the paper and leave comments, in addition to having a comment box available): * Clarity * Is it clear what they are trying to say? * Do their ideas come across in a way that is not confusing? * What could they do to help you understand? * Flow * Are the ideas easy to follow? * Could they work on their transitions? * Editing/spelling * Are there missing words or ideas? * Any spelling errors or misused words? * Do you notice any APA issues? This would be related mostly to citations. ** **

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