UA Environmental Agriculture Preserving Natural Resources Annotated Bibliography

This assignment builds upon the outline of your review paper submitted for Assignment 3, and consists of three parts: (i) Rewrite (word-for-word) the thesis statement that was submitted for Assignment 3, part (i). Identify (either by bolding or highlighting) at least THREE keywords from your thesis statement that you will use in conducting a literature search. (ii) Using one of the databases available on the University of Arizona Libraries website, conduct a search for peer-reviewed papers that will provide the backbone of your paper. Provide the first author, title, journal name and volume, and page numbers of two papers that will contribute background information for your Introduction. In addition to the identifying information for each paper, write a sentence stating what information that paper will provide. (iii) As in part (ii), identify four papers that will contribute information and/or data for the Main Body of your paper. Once again, provide the first author, title, journal name and volume, and page numbers for these papers. Write a sentence stating what information each paper will provide. Submit your responses to (i) through (iii) on D2L. 25 points. Note 1: For Assignment 4, please use peer-reviewed journal articles. You will be able to use book chapters and websites as information sources for your final paper, but please do not use those sources for this assignment.

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