Tulsa Community College Workforce Shortage & Aging Workforce Project

Use ASCE style the paper is about (Workforce Shortage/Aging Workforce) **TOPIC** | **POSSIBLE INTERVIEWEES (Not limited to this list – use as inspiration)** —|— Workforce Shortage/Aging Workforce | Company Executive, HR Personnel Use collaborative software (Google Hangouts/Blackboard Collaborate etc.) to collaborate with your teammate(s) to develop a flowchart for workflow/process for completing Team Assignments (TA) 1 & 2. * Submit a 1-page narrative that provides: * Cover sheet with assignment name, topic of interest, and names of all team members * Topic of interest and potential interviewee(s) for completing Team Assignment 2 (Workforce Shortage/Aging Workforce) * Process for completing team assignment 2 (Workforce Shortage/Aging Workforce) Requirements or assignment 2: * Conduct a **VIDEO** recorded interview of one or multiple industry representatives as shown in week 1’s example based on requirements of Team Assignment 1 * Using ASCE style formatting, complete a 1-page interview summary that includes, name and contact of interviewees, location of interview, date and time interview was conducted, the actual interview questions used, and overall feeling of the team regarding the interview. * Submit completed ‘Permission Release Agreement’ of all persons appearing in the video * Ensure video creativity and sound quality. Submit video in popular file formats, i.e. .avi, .mp4, .wmv * Add an introduction and summary/overview to the interview video that includes information from requirement 2 above * Provide a work breakdown/table that includes details on the contribution of each team-member toward completion of this assignment

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