TUAGC Biodiversity Hotspots Human Activity & Sustainable Life Ocean Pollution Essay

**Assignment Definition:** Now that you have analyzed and evaluated rhetorical strategies in previous assignments, demonstrate your own rhetorical skills by designing an environmental advocacy campaign. Begin by identifying an environmental problem. This can be a local or national issue. The choice is yours. Pick a topic that relates to some aspect of environmental communication (nature, public health, climate, energy/fuels, sustainability, etc.). Then design a campaign to address this problem. Write a paper explaining how this campaign would work. Questions to address include: * Who is the campaign directed towards? Who needs to be involved? * What do people need to do? Discuss what actions are needed. * What is the time line for implementing these actions? * How much will the campaign cost and who will pay? * How will you convince people to participate? * How will you utilize digital media? * How will you use ethos, pathos, and logos? * How will you encourage collaboration? * How will you address criticisms and reach out to opponents?

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