TU Lodestar Criminal Justice Management & Agencies Law Enforcement Exam Practice

It’s questions: 1. Define what lodestar stand for and why it important to mangers of criminal justice agencies? Which of the eight components of lodestar is most important 2. How is management similar and different to the managers in the three sub- systems of the criminal justice system? Do you think management in all three are more similar or are more different to each other? Why or why not? 3. Define authority, power, and influence. Which do you think is most important for a leader in a criminal justice agency to have? Why? Would your answer differ if the agency was a theory Y type of agency as opposed to a theory x type of agency? Why or why now? 4. Why are most criminal justice agencies bureaucratic agencies? Do you think there might be a better organizational structure for agencies engaged in the task of criminal justice term of both efficiency and effectiveness? What do you think are the impediments for such organizational change in criminal justice?

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