TSU Control System Analysis and Design & Associated Activity Diagram Concept Maps

For the following, draw the Level 0 Use Case (10 points), Level 1 Use Case (10 points), and an associated Activity Diagram (i.e. an activity diagram that links to one object identified in the level 1 Use Case Diagram) (10 points) Captain Jim Miller retired from the Air Force and joined a group of recreational pilots in the San Francisco area, the Mad Bay Bombers. The Mad Bay Bombers practice aerial acrobatics and attract members from as far away as Los Angeles and Sacramento. One day Jim offered to fly down to meet a group member in Los Angeles and made the return trip with four other passengers and Mad Bay Airlines was formed. The airline specializes in roller coaster air travel in California, focusing on trips under two hours. Currently, there are five small passenger planes that fly between San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, and Las Vegas. Flights are irregular, as the pilots are all Air Force retirees, but one of the fifty members can be always be convinced to make a Friday afternoon flight to Las Vegas and a Sunday evening flight returning to San Francisco. To get a flight scheduled, Jim sends out a message in a group chat to see if anyone wants to make a trip. He only sends out the message after he’s had interest from a group of two or more people for a specific trip. Trips are claimed first-come, first-served by the different pilots. Once claimed, the customers show up at the airport an hour early for a security clearance and a complementary Dramamine pill (it helps with motion sickness…once a passenger got sick…it wasn’t pretty). Up to four passengers can load into the airplane. Then, once a full compliment of passengers AND the pilot have loaded, they make their flight.

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