The Ethics Behind Genetic Engineering Testing & Modifications Discussion

* Visit the “Issues in Genetics (Links to an external site.)” page of the NHGRI and select one of the nine policy, legal, and ethical issues to examine further. Answer the following questions: * Which subject did you choose to read about and why? * What is the most interesting thing you learned about this subject? * What is the most surprising thing you learned about this subject? * What is the most concerning thing you learned about this subject? * The “Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act (Links to an external site.)” is a bill introduced in Congress in March, 2017. Answer the following questions: * What will this bill allow? * What are your opinions on this bill? Do you have any concerns? After reading each of these, please write a **2-page double-spaced persuasive essay** using evidence on what you think about the ethics behind Genetic Engineering, Genetic Testing, and Genetic Modifications.

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