Testing Theories of American Politics Bibliography

_C_ _reate an annotated bibliography_ Step 1: Write the citation of the uploaded document. Write the citation in APA format. Step 2: Evaluate and synthesize information from the literature. Thoroughly read the article and reference major ideas, concepts, and information that will help to communicate current knowledge and understanding of the topic. You should be able to answer one or more of the questions below. 1. Did the author discuss a theory or conceptual framework? If so, describe the theory/framework and how it could be/has been applied to environmental problems. 2. What is the thesis/ research question/ hypothesis? 3. What methods were used to collect and analyze data? Note location and sample size of the study. 4. What are the major ideas, findings, and conclusions of the study? 5. Are there any limitations of the study/theory/framework? __ _APA Citation Format_ Cite literature using the APA format. There are a number of sources of how to write a citation using APA format. One source is Purdue Owl: (https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ (Links to an external site.)). Must include the bibliographic and in-text citation.

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